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Furgotten Friends Dog Rescue Blog

Welcome to the newly launched Forgotten Friends Dog Rescue (FFDR) website and blog!

During the past several years, we have had website hosting & provider issues, funding and resource issues, covid madness and a long list of other problems, but.... thanks to all our volunteers and supporters, our updated website is back online!

As this is the initial relaunch of the website, in the near future we will be sending out an email newsletter to all our contacts and supporters. And on that note; due to the unfortunate issues with our previous web hosting provider, we kindly ask that when you have a moment, please take a minute to fill out the "contact us" form, which is located at the bottom of every page of our new website. This will greatly help ensure that we have the correct contact information for all of our gracious supporters!

Regarding the new website, we encourage and solicit your feedback and comments, good or bad. We clearly have more work to do, but hopefully you will agree that it is a good start and simply great to have the website back online, so our all our dog rescues now have an even better chance at someone giving them a forever home. Which is really what this is all about!

One final update, we have newly partnered with GiveButter, to get more information click

They are an outstanding organization that helps promote and provide a donation & funding website to support non-profit organizations like FFDR. The "donation" button on our website is tied into GiveButter and ultimately into our non-profit rescue bank account.

The care and feeding of our dog rescues is ongoing and your gracious donations and support are a blessing and most definitely needed. One immediate benefit of our partnership with GiveButter is that they provide the ability for a monthly recurring donation. As we are all suffering from the current hard economic times, the ability to make a small monthly donation may be easier choice for many of us.

But whatever your choice and amount, please know that your donations go directly to supporting and caring for these loving and loyal dogs. Words alone do not convey how much your donations and support mean to us and our dogs!

Thank you for your support and happy holidays.

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